Balloon Releases

One of the great tragedies of life is that we all must deal with the overwhelming grief of a loved one's death at least once, and more often, many times, throughout our lives. The old saying that to grieve is the price of love, is very true.

People manage grief in many ways and part of that is through the use of rituals and practices that bring us together, help us focus on our loved one and assist in the healing process.

In our industry balloon releases have been a common way to express love and grief at both funerals and memorials. This practice has soothed and helped many aching hearts.

Today we are all very aware that the planet we live on is struggling and we all must do our part in conserving it for future generations. The sad reality is that balloon releases harm wildlife and contribute to ocean litter. It is no longer a practice that we can continue if we are committed to a sustainable and clean future for our children.

It is a difficult subject to discuss with grieving people, I do not know any balloon artist that is comfortable having to say no when you see someone in pain. However, there are some wonderful alternatives to suggest. A beautiful flower float that is gently set upon the waves, liquid bubbles that are blown skyward with love. Releasing a box of butterflies and watch them flutter away. Many ideas are out there and we would love to offer a suggestion for you that both helps you and supports our planet and wildlife.