Kiwi Summer Cocktails


Hosting or planning events for home, work or school can be really stressful, but  we have a few ideas that will add a really sophisticated touch to your party, without taking you much time to prepare.

Kiwi Mimosa

This classic summery cocktail can be enjoyed any time of year! It's inspired by our native Pohutakawas, which make the coast look so beautiful when they come into bloom.

Mix together:

  • 750ml bottle of Prosecco
  • 180mls of vodka
  • 180mls of cranberry juice
These easy cocktails can be served chilled in champagne flutes with a twist of orange peel. Use a potato peeler to get a lovely wide, but thin slice, and if you’re feeling adventurous, char the peel slightly with a chef’s torch for a delicious bitter orange aroma and taste!

 Easy Non-alcoholic Party Punch

This non-alcoholic punch is great for the kids, the sober drivers and anyone else who prefers not to drink alcohol. It looks amazing in a glass dispenser and served in cocktail glasses or tumblers. A couple of days before your event, make some ice cubes with whole pomegranate seeds in them.
On the day, mix together:
  • 2l of orange juice
  • 1l of gingerale
  • 1l of lemonade
Add orange slices, fresh mint and the pomegranate ice cubes for a dash of texture and colour. If you like pomegranate juice, try replacing half the ginger ale with it. Sarah, the owner of Hibiscus Coast Party Hire, advises it’s an acquired taste, but she highly recommends it!